Home Remedies For Sneezing

Here is a article to help you with home remedies to stop sneezing. A very long time ago people believed when someone sneezes, their soul escapes through their nose. Your body forces out your soul that’s why people say ‘Bless you’.

Remedies to stop your Sneezing. Here’s your best remedy against sneezing.

Home Remedy To Stop Sneezing

  • Oil of oregano it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin C Fresh Juice – Great in controlling sneezing.
  • Try to avoid eating any meat.
  • Ginger is a great remedy for treatment of nasal problems including sneezing.
  • Blueberries, carrots and cucumbers are all good for stuffy sinuses.
  • Green tea – This common table tea has a natural antihistamine.

A sneeze is a reflex it’s a physiological response of your body when a bad particle and or substance enters to your nose. Sneezing can be very relieving to your body, this is because, mainly, when you sneeze, the unwanted particles, irritants, and allergens are taken out of your body.

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