Home Remedies for Black Dark Spots on Your Face

Find out about getting rid of those black spots or dark patches on your face. We all know those black spots on your face can be really embarrassing. Here are a few home remedies we found to help.

How to make dark spots on your face disappear

  • Proper Hygiene: keep your skin clean that is first and foremost of these acne home remedies for combating acne black spots is making sure you’re keeping your skin clean. Wash you face daily using a gentle face cleanser.
  • Choose a moisturizer rich in vitamin E: It has antioxidant that works to help repair your skin and also prevents additional damage from occurring.
  • Increase Water Intake: If your looking to have your skin glowing and beautiful, then you should ensure that you drink lots of water daily.
  • Placing a fresh slice of cucumber is also very effective. Cucumber will help detoxify pores. It’s recommended you do this on a regular daily basis.
  • Apply Lime Juice: When you discover that your pimples are drying out, make sure you apply a small amount of lime juice on the area. Doing this will prevent acne scars from forming on your skin.
  • For people with black skin: The dark spots are mostly left after a pimple or a cut heals. But with proper sun protection and the use of effective lightening ingredients they can be treated.
  • Honey & Milk: You can use sour milk or buttermilk as they contain lactic acid which can exfoliate your skin without any irritation. Then you can apply some honey to renew your skin.

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face from Acne & Pimples

In following these remedies above it will help reduce the intensity of your dark black spots on your face.

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