Do Bach Flower Remedies Actually Work

The Bach flower remedies are used for a each different type of emotional state. Flower based remedies that can help you manage the emotional demands of every day life. Bach remedies don’t go with the homeopathy laws of similars or successive dilutions.

Bach Flower Remedies Therapy

The bach flowers try to create a positive energy to negate a negative energy. Research conducted on the Bach flower remedy is very limited at the moment. These flower remedies were tested in a few double blind placebo trials.

Bach flowers have not been extensively researched. Some studies say the remedies are no better than a placebo. Other studies suggest that these remedies may help in stressful situations. Some say they are excellent for anxiety and will help calm your nerves, and have no negative side effects.

Where can you buy Bach flower remedies?

They can be purchased at just about any natural health store in your area.

Bach Flowers List:

Agrimony | Aspen | Beech | Centaury

Cerato | Cherry Plum | Chestnut Bud

Chicory | Clematis | Crab Apple

Elm | Gentian | GorseHeather

Holly | Honeysuckle | Hornbeam

Impatiens | Larch | Mimulus | Mustard

Oak | Olive | Pine | Red ChestnutRock Rose

Rock Water | Scleranthus | Star of Bethlehem

Sweet Chestnut | Vervain | Vine | Walnut

Water Violet | White Chestnut | Wild Oat

Wild Rose | Willow

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